Nights in the Chill Lyric Video.

    As a graphic designer and musician I wanted to create something that would incorporate both skills. With this in mind, I decided to focus on creating a visual based off language and symbols. Instead of creating a traditional lyric video for a song I had composed, I decided I would instead alter some words and phrases by either using their slang equivalent, spelling them phonetically, breaking them apart, or completely replacing the word with an icon. I was curious to see if the lyrics would still be legible, as they quickly flash across the screen in various ways. I was interested in testing whether people would be able to decipher the text as the song aided them in the background. The song is titled “Nights in the Chill” and is accompanied by a neon sign theme, which seems appropriate given the subject matter.

Instrumental Produced by: Dean Maoloa

Backup Vocal Adlib's by: Crystal Blue